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Rewards Gold

Walser Rewards Gold

Purchase a Great Used Car - Get Rewarded

As a Walser Rewards Gold Member, you'll receive exclusive Gold benefits including free oil changes and car washes plus gas discounts at SuperAmerica. Get your vehicle serviced at Walser and 10% of what you spend will be credited to your Walser Rewards Gold* account. When you shop online at over 400 major online retailers in the Walser Rewards Online Mall a portion of every purchase will be credited to the same account - redeemable for actual dollars off your next vehicle.  

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*Walser Experienced Autos does not participate in the Walser Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty program.

+ Free Oil Changes

Rewards Gold members receive 9 complimentary oil changes (5 oil changes if your vehicle requires synthetic oil). Use your complimentary oil changes with no strings attached.

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+ Gas Discounts

Your Rewards Gold membership entitles you to gas discounts of up to $.10 per gallon at participating SuperAmerica stores. Simply swipe your card at the pump and watch the price roll back. Walser is fueled by SuperAmerica.

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+ Free Car Washes

Wash your car every week compliments of Walser. Your initial one-year membership includes 52 free car washes.

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+ Earn Points and Get Discounts

Perform your vehicle service at Walser and earn points good for discounts on your next vehicle. Use your Walser Rewards Gold card to save big at Twin Cities restaurants, plus save when you shop online.

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Complimentary Oil Changes

For all vehicles other than new Toyotas

Benefit Rules:
Owner may receive up to 9 standard oil changes or 5 synthetic oil changes performed on qualifying vehicle. Oil change is defined as draining engine oil, removing engine oil filter and replacing with new oil and filter according to manufacturer's specifications. Standard or synthetic oil will be chosen based on manufacturer's original specification and delivery.

Qualifying Vehicles:
Any new or used vehicle purchased or leased from a participating Walser dealership on or after January 1, 2013.

Oil changes not used within 4 years (48 months) of purchase date will be forfeited.

This agreement may not be transferred to any other owner or vehicle. Benefit remains in force as long as the owner who entered into the agreement remains the legal owner. If vehicle is sold or transferred any unused oil changes are forfeited.

Location Restrictions:
Complimentary oil change benefit for vehicles purchased new must be redeemed at the dealer from which the vehicle was purchased. Used car complimentary oil change benefit may be redeemed at the dealer from which the vehicle was purchased or, if Walser owns a franchise of the same make, at that dealership. Example: If a customer purchases a used Toyota from Walser Honda they may select either Walser Honda or Walser Toyota for oil changes. In all other cases used vehicle oil changes will only be performed by the selling dealership.

For new Toyotas
All conditions stated above are in force with the exception of the number of oil changes. Because new Toyotas qualify for 2 years of Toyota Care the Walser Toyota Complimentary Oil Change benefit includes 5 standard oil changes or 3 synthetic oil changes.

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Gas Discounts at SuperAmerica

Benefit Rules:
Gas discounts of 6, 8 or 10 cents are available to members who possess a valid Rewards Gold membership card at participating SuperAmerica locations. Rewards Gold membership card is also member's My SA Rewards card and is valid for privileges at SuperAmerica. Discounts are redeemed at the pump by inserting a valid Walser Rewards Gold membership card. Initial membership period is one year. Membership may be renewed for $39.95 per year. Price of renewal is subject to change.

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Complimentary Car Washes

Benefit Rules:
52 complimentary car washes are included with the initial one year Walser Rewards Gold membership. Car washes may be redeemed at any Walser location. Car washes are redeemed by inserting the owner's Gold Rewards membership card in the card reader at Walser locations. Membership may be renewed for $39.95 per year. Price of renewal is subject to change.

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Earn Points for Servicing at Walser

Benefit Rules:
When you service at Walser 10% of what you spend is credited to your Walser Rewards points account. Points can be converted to a dollar amount that can be redeemed as a credit on the purchase of your next vehicle from Walser.

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